Life insurance for the FIRE community.

Get quotes and apply in minutes with FIRE-friendly strategies and carriers.

How it works?

Get up to $2 million in coverage within minutes.

Or, up to $3 million in coverage with no physical.

For most, application can be completed online using fluidless underwriting.  Rules and conditions vary by carrier.

Excellent service!

"I wanted life insurance, but wasn't sure where to start. A friend of mine suggested SureLI, so I decided to check it out. This service is nothing short of fantastic. I found it to be very user friendly, and I was able to find the right amount of coverage I needed in a short amount of time just by answering a few simple questions..."


Super easy to use.

"Super easy to use and the agent was extremely knowledgeable about FIRE. Highly recommended!"


The process was simple.

"The process was simple, easy, and quick while still getting me the best deal possible for what I needed. I am an incredibly inquisitive person, especially when it comes to money, and the SureLI folks were super friendly and patient when answering all my questions. I Will continue to recommend them to friends who need insurance and if I ever need an adjustment, I'll be back."


FIRE-friendly strategies?

SureLI is built on the goals and values of the FIRE/FI community.  

Our FIRE-friendly strategies and carriers offer ways to save money on your premiums while working toward Financial Independence.

This is when someone chooses to purchase one policy for the entire amount of coverage and term length using a FIRE-friendly carrier.

Laddering policies is considered a "set-it and forget-it" strategy. This is due to buying multiple policies with varying term lengths.

Shop multiple carriers in seconds.

SureLI is an independent online agency that allows you to get quotes from dozens of highly rated carriers in a matter of seconds.

Now's the time.

Case Studies

See which FIRE strategy is best for you.

Mike is a 31-year old dad and husband looking to protect his family in the event he isn’t around any longer.

He and his partner have built a...

Danielle is a 28-year old mom and wife looking to protect her family in the event she isn’t around any longer.

Both her and partner work...

David is a 39 year husband and father of 2 looking to cover him in case he were to pass away.

He is the sole income earner in the family and are on their way to...

Get covered now.

There is no better time than now to get the coverage your family deserves.  Click below to find your coverage amount, get free custom quotes, and start the application process in minutes.

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