About Us

You're in the right place.

This is who we are.

We’re built from people just like you, with family as a priority and an eye towards financial independence.

As an independent, digital agency, we’ll show you quality carriers who allow you to make changes along the way as you need.

Our Mission

Covering you the right way.

The insurance industry has a bad reputation.  

SureLI was designed to change the way insurance is done, and how it’s percieved.

Let Us Help You

With a priority towards protecting your financial independence, SureLI will show you which carriers and products will fit well with your life’s goals.

Those who are on the path to financial independence understand how important it is to find a carrier who will allow you make changes to your coverage as you grow.

Our agents are industry experts and understand the strategies used to protect both your family, and your financial independence. 

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