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How much insurance do you need?

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How much insurance do I need?

When considering how much term life insurance you need, it’s not just about numbers. It’s a strategic decision to protect the lifestyle you’re building and the dreams you have for your loved ones.

The right coverage ensures your journey to financial independence stays on track, even in the face of life’s unexpected changes.

In short, when purchasing life insurance, you’re using the insurance company’s deeper pockets until you fill your own.

And when pairing one of SureLI’s strategies with the proper amount of coverage, we’re finding ways to lower both your short-term and long-term premiums.

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Mindsets to Consider

Payoff Debt

Paying off debt may ease some of the financial burden from the loss of income.  This could include any mortgages, auto payments, and credit card debt.

Generally, this may be helpful in a family with multiple income sources when the surviving spouse/partner has majority of the income.

Other things to consider Extended time off to help consul children, burial expenses, increased cost of child care.

Provide A Financial Buffer

This concept is used for the loss of an income earner in the family.  This can easily be calculated by multiplying their income by 10.

Generally, this benefit is used to payoff debt and/or provide a financial buffer for a certain time period due to the loss of an income earning family member.  

Other things to consider:  Child’s education expenses, potentially downsizing in the future to offset loss of income, providing a small nest egg for the surviving spouse/partner.

Create Financial Independence

This is used quite often for single income families when insuring the primary income earner and helping achieve financial independence for the surviving family members.

It could allow the family to pay off debt, and continue to pay living expenses without altering their current lifestyle. 

Other things to consider:  Insuring a stay-at-home spouse to offset increase of childcare expenses, using a Will or Trust in your life planning, laddering policies to help with the cost of the premiums.

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