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The FIRE (Financial Independence. Retire Early) is a movement of highly motivated savers looking for a way to retire early and give themselves more time to enjoy life.

These are people who find ways to save a high percentage of their income and is earmarked for an early retirement.


There are basically two strategies when looking for insurance coverage while you’re on a path towards Financial Independence.

  1. Laddering – This is where you purchase multiple policies with varying term lengths in order to lower the overall cost of the coverage.  (This strategy tends to give you an overall lower cost of insurance, but gives you less flexibility in terms of when your coverage decreases over time.)
  2. Single-Policy Coverage – This is using a single policy, but working with carriers that allow you to lower the coverage amount as you increase your wealth through saving and investing.  (This strategy comes with a slighly higher cost, but tends to be easier to maintain and gives you more flexibility.)

The overall idea behind finding FIRE friendly coverage is to keep yourself from spending unnecessary premiums while being over insured.

SureLI is a digital agency that does all the work for you, instantly.  By answering a few questions, we’ll give you expert driven benefit advice and rates within seconds.

Once you start the application online, we’ll connect you with an agent to verify your identity and answer any questions you have.

This ensures that you choose the best carrier for you.

A couple things, really.  

First, we’re an independent agency.  Meaning, we’ll sift through dozens of carriers to give you the best rates.  Many of the other online agencies only work with one or two carriers.

Second, we frame our recommendations around the pursuit of Financial Independence.  

Our technology and our agents are familiar with strategies around this concept and we give you advice on carriers who would partner well with these strategies.

This is a very personal question.  Meaning, everyone is different.

That’s why we give you a Good, Better, Best scenario for you to choose from.  When on the path to Financial Independence, not everyone is in the same situation.

You can see how much you need by clicking here.  If you would like to speak to an agent about how much life insurance you need, feel free to reach out.

The concept behind Term Life Insurance is simple.  It’s designed to be very straight forward with the coverage and how long you need it.  You choose the amount of coverage and for how long (10-40 years), that’s it.

Once the term is complete, you’re no longer insured.

Term is also anywhere between 3x-10x cheaper than more expensive products like Whole Life or Universal Life Insurance.  And your premiums are fixed, meaning they won’t go up or down over time.

And with SureLI, our carriers allow you to lower the coverage amount over time when you’re ready.  

So, when your kids get older, or you payoff your mortage, you don’t need to pay for any uneeded life insurance.

There are a couple ways to look at this.  

First, you can get coverage for a term as long as you canGenerally, this is a 30-year term policy.  This gives you the flexibility to retain coverage now, while you’re the youngest and healthiest you might ever be.  And with SureLI, you’ll be able to choose a carrier that allows you to change the coverage along the way.

The second strategy would be laddering your coverage.  This means you can obtain multiple policies that vary in term length.  For example, if you’re mortage will be paid off in 10 years, you only need a 10 year policy for this.

Our agents are well versed in laddering policies and can guide you through this.  You can start the process here or contact an agent.

Great question!  If you already have coverage, simply compare what you have now with SureLI.  You can either layer your new policy with your current one, or replace it with one with SureLI.

If you have coverage with work that is paid by your employer, great!  Just keep it.  But, if you’ve obtained additional coverage, compare the rates.

Having private insurance outside of work is generally a good idea.  This is because you can take it with you if you leave your company.

Generally, you might not be able to take the coverage you have at work with you if you were to leave the company.

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with an agent.

For most, no more than a few days.  Some will require more underwriting depending on health or the amount of insurance applied for.  

SureLI uses underwritten products from multiple carriers.  This basically means that the carrier reviews everyone individually, and some require more underwriting than others.

This process will give you the opportunity to get the best rate available.

Most customers will go through “fluidless” underwriting.  Which basically means you won’t need to take get a physical.

The insurance carriers SureLI works with usually allow up to several million dollars of coverage before requesting “labs”.

If you do need a physical, a traveling technician will ask you a series of questions, check your height, weight, blood pressure, etc.  They will also collect blood and urine samples.

Again, for most, this won’t be the case.

No, they aren’t.

When applying for coverage, you’re simply asking the insurance company for an offer.  Once you receive an offer, you’ll be able to review the offer before accepting coverage. 

You’ll also have a period of time once you’ve accepted the offer where you can cancel the policy and recieve a refund of the premium.  This is called a right of recision.

Absolutely, feel free to contact us anytime and an agent will answer any questions you have.

We’re still powered by industry experts.

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