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What is FIRE?

The FIRE (Financial Independence. Retire Early) community is a movement of highly motivated savers looking for a way to retire early and give themselves more time to enjoy life.

These are people who find ways to save a high percentage of their income and is earmarked for an early retirement.

Once you’ve achieved Financial Independence, this gives you the ability to live off your assets and not rely on others to help pay your expenses.

FIRE-Friendly Strategies


One of the strategies we use for the FIRE community is Single-Policy Coverage.

This is when someone chooses to purchase one policy for the entire amount of coverage and term length.  

When using this strategy, you should look for a carrier that allows you to make changes to the death benefit as you grow your wealth.  

When viewing your quotes with SureLI, you’ll notice a FIRE icon above certain carriers.  These are FIRE-friendly carriers that allow you to lower the death benefit at certain times of your term.

Is this for you?

The single-policy strategy tends to be easier to manage and gives you more flexibility.

If you haven’t mapped out your FIRE journey, or have the ability to know when you’ll achieve Financial Independence, this might be a good fit.

This strategy may come at a lower lifetime cost due to hitting lower priced death benefit tiers.  Carriers will often give better pricing for larger policies than policies with smaller death benefits.

Check out our case studies to see when this is a better strategy.



The second strategy we use for the FIRE community is Laddering Coverage.

This is when someone chooses multiple policies with different coverage amounts and multiple term periods.

This strategy gives you a set schedule of when your coverage will decrease while you build your wealth on your path to Financial Independence.

Contact an agent to assist in building a ladder.

Is this for you?

Laddering policies is considered a “set-it and forget-it” strategy.

This is because you’re purchasing multiple policies with varying term lengths.  Once purchased, these are fixed until the maturity of each policy.

This strategy may have lower lifetime costs when you have a larger total death benefit.  This allows each policy to hit certain pricing tiers for each individual policy. 

Check out our case studies to see when this is a better strategy.

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