Life Insurance for REI.

Fund your real estate using cash value life insurance strategies.

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Optimizing your policy.

The design of your policy holds the key to success for Real Estate Investors.

At SureLI, our Coverage Designers understand the intricacies of crafting an Optimized Policy and forming partnerships with the right carriers.

Whether you opt for a Whole Life or an Indexed Universal Life policy, we only work with carriers and policies that are aligned with your best interests, not ours.

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Our easy process.

Funding Real Estate doesn't have to be difficult.

Build your real estate portfolio on your own terms.

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How do you become your own bank?

When you become your own bank, we’re describing the process of lending against your cash value life insurance policy.

These types of optimized policies build a cash value as you pay your premiums and grow with different types of interest crediting methods.

Once you’ve grown your cash value, you have the ability to lend against it in a very tax-efficient manner.

This gives you access to cash for your future real estate opportunities without underwriting, credit checks or any explanation.

How it works?

Life Insurance for Real Estate Investors

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Our most asked questions.

The benefit of cash value life insurance is that you can set your own budget.

The concept behind our real estate strategies is to overfund the policy to assist in building your cash value.

In our questionnaire, we’ll ask you what your budget is, and we’ll show you strategies to grow your cash value the most.

When lending against your policy, you’re lending against yourself.  And, the loan is not recognized by the IRS as income, therefore no tax is required.

The growth of your cash value is done in a tax-deferred manner, which means you aren’t required to pay taxes on an annual basis like you are in a taxable investment or savings account.

This is all assuming you’re policy doesn’t become a MEC (Modified Endowment Contract), which voids the tax-efficient of the policy.

SureLI guides you and designs our strategies and policies to avoid your policies from becoming a MEC.

SureLI uses Whole Life and Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies.  These are generally the best types of policies used for funding Real Estate.

Your agent will help you decide which policy is best for you.


This depends on you as an individual.  SureLI uses carriers that offer fluidless underwriting.  This means the carrier starts the process in hopes to waive the physical.

Once they gather the information from the application, they determine whether they will require a physical.

If one is required, you’ll complete an at-home physical with a traveling technician.  The technician will ask you a series of questions, check your height, weight, blood pressure, etc.  They will also collect blood and urine samples.

No, they are not.

When applying for coverage, you’re simply asking the insurance company for an offer.  Once you receive an offer, you’ll be able to review the offer before accepting coverage. 

You’ll also have a period of time once you’ve accepted the offer where you can cancel the policy and recieve a refund of the premium.  This is called a right of recision.

Absolutely, feel free to connect with us anytime.  We’re industry experts and can answer any questions you have.

If you would like to move your coverage to a carrier with SureLI, an agent will discuss replacement options with you.  If it makes sense for your goals, we’ll assist you with the application.  Your old carrier will be sent notification of cancellation if this is the case.

Part of the application process is to review your current coverage.  We recommend keeping your current policy until you’ve accepted coverage with the new carrier through SureLI.

Our primary goal is to design policies to help you fund your future real estate investments.

We suggest using term insurance to cover any other insurance needs like income replacement or to pay off debt. 

Click here to calculate how much insurance you need and view term insurance quotes instantly.

No problem!

We work with carriers that allow you to convert affordable term coverage into a cash value policy in the future.

This allows you to lock in your health rating now, without future underwriting concerns in the future.

If you think this might be you, schedule a call with an agent to discuss further.


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