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You can pay less for life insurance.

SureLI Coverage Designers are equipped with life insurance strategies to lower your premium as much as possible, regardless of your underwriting status.

Some clients are saving thousands of dollars with a reduction of 20%+ in premium.

Watch the video and read below to learn which strategy makes sense for you and your family.

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Term Life Insurance Strategies


One life insurance strategy we use is Single-Policy Coverage.

This is when someone chooses to purchase one policy for the entire amount of coverage and term length.   This allows you to hit tiered pricing levels that discount the premium.

When using this strategy, you should look for a carrier that allows you to make changes to the death benefit as you grow your wealth.  

When speaking with one of our Coverage Designers, they’ll explain which carriers to use for this strategy.

This strategy is best for:

Laddering Policies

Laddering can be achieved by layering multiple, smaller policies with varying maturity dates, and is one of the most popular life insurance strategies used.

For example, instead of purchasing a $1 million policy for 30 years, you would buy two $500,000 policies for 20 and 30 years.

This allows you to lower your death benefit on a set schedule as you grow your wealth.

The will lower both your monthly and lifetime premiums.

This strategy is best for:

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