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What is underwriting?

Underwriting is an important part of the process when buying life insurance.  

Every applicant goes through some sort of underwriting when applying for coverage.  

The type of underwriting determines how much information the carriers receives in order to give you an offer.  And ultimately, may or may not affect your premium.

SureLI offers 3 types of underwriting options to allow our Coverage Designers to find the best fit for our clients.



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Types of Underwriting

Instant Underwriting

Instant Underwriting is the most recent change to the industry.

It uses technology instead of a human to review your application, along with a few online reports.  

What makes it so attractive is the length of time it takes, and it does not require a physical.

Although pricing is sometimes higher, you can expect an offer within a few minutes.  However, pricing is changing as more carriers enter this market.

Accelerated/Fluidless Underwriting

This is the most common for of underwriting.

A human reviews the application, and makes a decision within a few days or weeks.

Typically, premiums are slightly lower than Instant Underwriting due to gathering more information from the applicant. 

It also requires either an online or phone interview, depending on the carrier you choose.  During the interview, you’ll provide medical history, prescriptions, and other pieces of information.

Accelerated Underwriting also does not require a physical.


Full Underwriting is still widely used today.

It requires an online or phone interview in addition to an at-home physical and doctor’s reports.

Generally, carriers will move individuals to Traditional Underwriting when the benefit applied for is above a certain threshold, or health concerns are uncovered during Instant or Accelerated Underwriting.

Moving into Full Underwriting doesn’t mean your premium will be higher, the carrier simply needs more information.

This process usually takes a few weeks, or in some cases, a month to receive an offer.

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